A deadbolt is a locking mechanism that cannot be opened unless the lock cylinder is rotated. This lock is more capable as a security resource than the typical spring bolt. The reason for this is the spring bolt uses a spring that holds the bolt in place, and can be opened by applying force, a deadbolt lock is more resistant to forced entry. Action Safe & Lock offers the latest range of deadbolts, deadbolt locks, combination deadbolt, deadbolt door lock, electronic deadbolt, and keyless deadbolt locks in Memphis, TN. We also feature items from key control, high security deadbolts, and e cylinder deadbolts.

Types of deadbolt locks include:

  1. Single Cylinder: The most common type of deadbolt. With this lock there is an exterior cylinder entry point that is key-operated. This type of deadbolt meets the security needs of most homeowners.
  2. Double Cylinder: Uses a key on both the entrance and the exit point. A key is always required. This type of lock is most commonly seen in doors that have glass windows.
  3. Keyless Entry Deadbolt: In a keyless entry deadbolt lock, the lock can be opened without the use of a key. However, many of these locks have an option to have a manual override of the lock with a key. Most keyless entry deadbolt locks are locked or unlocked by entering a code on a numeric keypad. However, there are some deadbolt locks that can be operated by use of a remote device. Sometimes, these devices also have an audio or visual signal that will allow you to know in advance if your door is still locked.

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