Security Systems


Actions Safe & Lock offers a variety Security Systems in Memphis, TN including:

  • Camera & Monitor System
  • Nanny Cams
  • Remote Viewing Cameras (VIA INTERNET)
  • Alarm Systems

Camera & Monitor System

There are many advantages to having a digital video surveillance system. Below are just a few:

Employee Theft * Shoplifting * Burglary * Robbery

There is no greater deterrent to a thief than knowing they are being watched. Typically, once they realize they are under surveillance, they will change their course of action. Videotaping is a deterrent as well as a huge assistant to law enforcement in the event your business should fall victim to any of the above offenses. Next to locks, businesses report that security cameras are their primary choice for reducing burglary.

Nanny Cams

Although you have probably already heard of Nanny Cameras from friends or on television, you may not be sure of what nanny cameras are. However, the idea is simple; a nanny camera is a small security camera that is easily hidden inside your home.

These cameras are difficult to detect and allow you to be aware of what is going on inside your home.

The use and benefits of nanny cameras are astounding, and many parents and homeowners would not feel comfortable without them in their homes

Remote Viewing Cameras (Via Internet)

Action Safe & Lock offers the ability to view or review the footage from your security cameras from any Internet connected device, including mobile devices. This allows the owner the flexibility to checkup on their home and property wherever they are no matter what time of day.

Alarm Systems

A home alarm system is a way to help protect your home while you're away, when sleeping, or during times when you're preoccupied and may not be aware of intruders. Most systems are easy to learn and operate.

A big advantage of a home alarm system is its usefulness in deterring crime. When potential burglars or intruders see you have an alarm system, they may go elsewhere because it isn't worth the time to try to deactivate it. They also don't want to risk alarms going off and law enforcement arriving before they can flee the scene.

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